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Hot Spicy - 1 kg

Hot Spicy - 1 kg

Made with: Milk powder, durum flour, WPI, WPC, fermented maize protein 60%, fish meal, CPSP, crushed hemp, rennet casein, acid casein, mussel shell meal, himalayan salt, essential amino acids, vitamins and 4 hot spices + 2 other spices. No artificial flavors added. Can be used all year round.
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    The Hot Spicy boilies ... We've used some of the finest quality ingredients, we couldn't get better quality if we tried. Digestion, nutrition and attraction being the main factors, but with an elevated minerals, vitamins and antioxidants content that fish just thrive off.

    The bait itself has a very hot spicy aroma, a combined 28 different ingredients, some being pre-digested fishmeal, very high quality milks, blood powder, our amino blend, high quality chilies, Haiths Robin Red and 5 other spices, plus Himalayan salt and a fine spanish baby tomato powder that’s absolutely bursting with antioxidants and a very underused ingredient but highly effective.

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