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Hot Spicy - 1 kg

Hot Spicy - 1 kg

The Hot Spicy contains a very complex list of some of the finest high quality ingredients. Digestion, nutrition and attraction being the main factors but with an elevated mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content. Carp thrive off some of the key ingredients and their property's we've added. The bait itself smells very spicy, a combined 28 different ingredients. It's a blend of LT94 and pre-digested fish meals, complimented by a very high quality milk protein content, blood powder and an advanced amino blend. The spices are high quality chili flakes and a 6 other spices, Himalayan salt + a fine Spanish baby tomato powder that's absolutely bursting with antioxidants and a very underused ingredient but highly effective as an attracter.
It brings a different kind of sweetness to the bait and blends absolutely perfectly with what we wanted to achieve with this spicy/fish style bait. We bet your mouth is watering already!
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