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Would you like to join Northern Baits?

Do you have a passion for carp fishing and the nature around us?
Are you a good photographer who takes the time to get that perfect shot?
Then maybe this is your opportunity to join the Danish bait manufacturer Northern Baits.

We are looking for active anglers that get out fishing regular and not just sit behind their computer. We want you to enjoy what we all love and that is Fishing!
Send me an email on brian@northernbaits.dk with info about yourself, a few pictures, how much you fish and what kind of fishing you are doing.
If you are accepted, you will have access to new products we are working on behind closed doors, plus the full range in the shop at special low prices.

About Northern Baits
In 2015, Brian Westergaard and Martin Kruse gave up their business careers to follow their dream, and proceeded to put everything they had into it. Brian and Martin are both very keen anglers and bringing a wealth of knowledge in their specific roles. The company is based in Denmark where we produce and supply our own bait, in house and fresh, then distributed all over Europe and other parts of the world.
We source directly from the famous great mills of Denmark who supply us with some of the highest grade meals and proteins in the world. Also using top end European flavour houses, sourcing some of the highest quality ingredients ever included in bait from advanced digestion aids to feed stimulators that have never been used in the fishing industry. We claim and certainly do use some of the most advanced ingredients in bait development in the industry, we drive the brand daily aiming to bring you, the angler, very high quality bait at a very affordable price.
We’re a company driven by anglers, as the brand is spreading widely on an international level, involving some top European anglers from all over the world who are now working alongside us to make Northern Baits one of the upcoming brands of the future. Anglers are now starting to become more and more aware about the nutritional value of the bait they use, wanting to use bait that’s not only instantly attractive, its actually good for the fish to eat.