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Bloodworm Amino Hookbaits 14-16mm

Bloodworm Amino Hookbaits 14-16mm

Match the hatch!!
Into your high attract hookbaits??
These are a very nice addition to the hook bait range here at Northern Baits.
This time of year the fish aren't really in the mood for too much bait, the lakes are alive with natural hatches and the margins are buzzing with all manner of insects. All waters are different but most lakes and rivers in the world that have good water quality hold these little creatures, bloodworm! They thrive in UK waters. Now is the perfect time on every water to cast this at the fish, it's a nice addition and little piece of ammo to have amongst your hookbait armoury.
The hookbaits are packed full of real bloodworm, bloodworm extracts and a quality fish hydrolyslate amongst other things to help boost the profile of attraction.
Avalible in 14-16mm dumbell hook baits and matching liquid.
They're chemical free, super enhanced hookers full of natural attraction that will work all year!
Price if you buy: 1 pot(s)
7,50  EUR
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